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1 May 2012 ... Gambling participation increased with age and was more common among ... in Canada, with legal ages ranging from 18 to 19 depending on the activity and region [13][14]. ... Health care providers should screen for gambling behaviours. ... resulting in lower levels of adolescent gambling problems [38].

The Duel: Should the voting age be lowered to 16? Yes, let’s lower the voting age, but—and it’s an important but—if it isn’t accompanied by activeThe key question for me is: why has the demand for votes for 16 year olds become so popular among policy pundits and politicians?The minimum school-leaving age has recently risen to 18, as has the legal... Should Nevada Lower Its Gambling Age to 18? Lowering the gambling age would attract an entirely new demographic and millions of new customers and potential gamblers. Casinos would benefit from the wagering as well as the hotel rooms, food, beverage, and entertainment money being spent by those ranging from 18 to 21. Should the voting age in Wales be lowered to 16? - BBC… Lowering the voting age to 16 has delivered a mixed response among the public. A bill currently going through the Senedd would see it drop from 18 atThey can also now take part in Scottish parliament and local elections. Other areas with the lower voting age are Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man. Should the voting age in this country be lowered to 16 or…

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Why should the drinking age be lowered to 18 if they drive drunk?Prevention: Most behaviors associated with subsatnce abuse start early, on the contrary drinking age should be raised to 21 far too many people die because of alcohol. ... Why should the Driving age be raised to 18? |…

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This reminds us of the Bahamas age limit ruling for gambling first it was 21 then it was lowered to 18. The same has happened in 12 German states where the legal gambling age has been lowered from 21 to 18. Why the gambling age should be 21ckfather. Kids these days need freedom and that if they are able to drive and earn money and work for it. Should the Legal adult age be raised to 21 again? | Yahoo Answers Right now the Drinking age is 21 BUT the state Vermont passed a bill and it may be lowered to 18 very soon cause the bill is so if they lower it they wont take away highway funds.And the gambling age is being worked on to be 18.I dont know about other states cause it will be tough since I live in Georgia.I don think 18 year olds should vote or fight in war and it is not even mandatory to sign ...

15 Aug 2017 ... Even if Japan's official age of adulthood is lowered to 18 from 20, those ... The new wording would specify that the ban is for those under 20.

30 Oct 2017 ... I believe the states can individually decide the drinking age, but unless ...... As a Brit, I think you should lower it to 18 just because it should be ... The gambling question: pros and cons | TheSpec.com 26 Sep 2012 ... As the debate over a casino ramps up, gaming experts and researchers say the factors that Hamilton should consider for decision-making are ... Legal Sports Betting Age By State | Legal US Gambling Age Find out what the legal sports betting age is in each state. ... where sports wagering is limited to tribal venues, that the sports betting age would be 18, ... vs. tribal casino gaming and betting, and you can typically err on the side of the lower age. Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered - DebateWise

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Oct 18, 2005 · At 18 years of age, an Americans can gamble their lives, but not their money. Holding the gambling age at 21 is inconsistent, for at 18, a person can buy a lottery ticket in most states. The Bill to lower gambling age appears to be DOA in Nevada Bill to lower gambling age appears to be DOA in Nevada Legislature. For real confusion, the legal gambling age is 18 or 21, depending on the casino, in California, New York and Oklahoma. It’s easy to sympathize with 18-year-olds who wonder why they can drive, vote and go to war but can’t consume alcohol or gamble. 18-Year-Olds in Vegas Will Have to Wait to Gamble Dec 01, 2008 · 18-Year-Olds in Vegas Will Have to Wait to Gamble. In neighboring California and Arizona, the age limit to play at most tribal casinos is 18. It’s also the limit in Minnesota, Rhode Island, Alaska, Washington, and Maine, and in several other states, the limit varies between 18 … Idea floated to lower state gambling age to 18 - Las Vegas